Red River, Green Eyes


By Stefan Stoykov

In his life, Abraham had never felt more alone. His wife had died, and now his little daughter, Eva, was lost somewhere in the woods. The local teenagers called it, “The Endless Forest,” because it stretched past the state border. A search party was gathered immediately; more than a hundred people, enthusiastic to help out, searched for eleven straight days in the freezing forest but could not find a clue. With the winter days passing quickly, fewer and fewer people came to look for the little girl until one day only Abe and the sheriff were left. The town’s community had mutually agreed that Eva was gone. Although she was not officially pronounced dead, on the 40th day of her disappearance, the town’s people held a wake in front of Abe’s house. Despite the strong wind, every man, woman and child lit a candle and placed it on Abe’s lawn. Everyone mourned there that night, except for Abe himself. No one could find him. His phone was dead and his home was empty. They had seen him go home last night, gloomy but safe.

“He’ll turn up. You remember how he disappeared after Helen’s passing? He’s probably drinking in Hadwick.” Said Sheriff Oliver Joyce.

“Is it safe for him to be alone right now?” asked his wife, Olivia.

“He’s a grown man. He knows what he’s doing.”

And they were right. He knew.
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Stefan Stoykov is a Bulgarian student in Frankfurt, Germany. When he’s not writing in English, he’s avoiding the German language in any way possible.