Sonnet for the Northwoods

By Sarah Harless
I glide along a winding northern stream.
The rhythmic splashing echoes through the home
of giggling foxes and tall pines who lean
like a father, smiling proud, as I row.

The wind creates a symphony. Chiming grass,
and while the squirrels add their distant drumming,
swallows whistle solos, too soon the piece has passed.
I long for them to teach me how to sing.

My shoulders grow tight, but I long for more
river-glass to break, and the mossy scent of May.
The sun lightly strokes my face before
I fill my lungs with the breath of this day.

I am alone, but I am not lonely,
to live we must find peace in nature solely.
Maggie Harless is currently an education student at the University of Minnesota – Duluth. She resides in Duluth with her one roommate and twenty-three plants. This is the first publication of her poetry.