Of Breaking

By Jose Araguz

Set a bucket down,
and eventually the water
will stop breaking.

Until then, only points
and cuts, light breaking
on the surface.

I sit along the sea wall,
would see my face break
if I sat closer.

As the light breaks, there is
darkness, too, breaking,
along the edge.

After a while, faces
appear, shift on the water,
faces breaking.

There are steps, as though
I could walk into
the water and break.

As though I could walk down,
gather the breaking faces,
and hear them speak.

As though I could ask
and get an answer: Who set you
down to break

Until then, silence, points
and cuts, light breaking,
darkness, too.
JOSÉ ANGEL ARAGUZ is a CantoMundo fellow and the author of six chapbooks as well as the collection Everything We Think We Hear (Floricanto Press). His poems, prose, and reviews have appeared in RHINO Poetry, New South, and The Volta Blog. A current PhD candidate at the University of Cincinnati, he runs the poetry blog The Friday Influence. A second collection, Small Fires, is forthcoming from FutureCycle Press in 2017.