Morning Ritual (as it’s Developed so Far)

By Julia Park Tracey
Make coffee. Drink coffee.

Sit outside and admire nature.
Write in journal.
Sip coffee slowly and think about G*d.
Fail at that.
Console self that sipping coffee reverently
is what you would do
if you did pray.
If you could pray.

Coffee as G*d.
G*d as coffee.
Sip slowly.
Julia Park Tracey was Poet Laureate of Alameda, CA, from 2014-2017. Her poems and poetry reviews have been published most recently in Sugared Water, Sweatpants & Coffee, East Bay Review, Postcard Poems, and Yellow Chair Review. She is the author of three novels, two women’s history/diaries and Amaryllis, a collection of poetry. Read more on her website.