Bloody Sunday

By Marah Heikkila


Police officers on horseback rushed towards them, clubs in hand as they struck anyone and everyone in their line of vision. The smoke became thick, clouding up the entire bridge, but could the officers’ actions be hidden? No amount of smoke could hide such a brutal act: the systemic racism and malicious discrimination was abundantly apparent on the bridge that day. Jamie quickly spun on his heels and ran away as the sounds of men and women filled the air. Thuds and pounds could be heard through the screams of people as Jamie watched the police officers beat the protestors to the ground, making them submit. Lines of blood surfaced among the foreheads of those around them, bruises and fractures were a guarantee. That was the price of change and that had always been the price of living for black communities, but now it would be brought to the doorstep of the affluent and oblivious white families.
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Marah Heikkila is a college undergraduate pursuing a double major in English and Cultural Studies. She enjoys writing and reading with a passion, particularly as it relates to cultural studies. She very much enjoys bringing to the forefront stories and issues that make people uncomfortable in order to lead to some sort of change, no matter how small. She has been published in the previous edition of The Garfield Lake Review and has won the Leo T. Hendrick Writing Prize on her campus.