Sex and Information: Three 11-year Sun Cycles

By Jake Sheff


Your body is a list of facts: “Humility out-virtues
All virtues,” and, “There is nothing more odious than
Being humbled,” to name a couple. The sound of
Light is something in your breasts I wouldn’t dare
Behold, but your booty tells me: “Behold
Suffering, the opiate of the gods and spice
Of paradise for men!” And copulation, in a space
Without direction, reminds me in your eyes
It says, “The hawk was born of riddled fire; the hawk
Was lust in love expired.” Then laughter comes into
The sky, a supernova not in line with doctrine.


Your body lends appearances a speech, the most
Repulsive malady in other people, but you
Mumbled. And my interpretation (to light a
Sound) was, “Something in the beast you shouldn’t dare
Behold,” but your shoulders told me: “Behold
Suffering, the piety of men and the spice
Of paradise for none!” The population in your eyes
Was sent to space without direction, reminding me,
“The mother’s map is in my lover’s lap.” I forthwith spun
The wheel of fascination, and a selfless axle
Birthed a fiction purely friction to the doctor.


This bodiless adventure is a word embodied;
Sex: akin to blackbirds that out-shadow shadows.
To name a couple – Crumbling Light and Timeless
Sound – is something in your rest that isn’t dark
Or cold, but your grunting archways tell me: “Behold
Suffering, the poetry of gods and the spice
Of paradise for minds!” The most repulsive melody
Is space without a blackbird for the eye; remind me
Why: the man is hawking riddled tires; the woman’s
Map is plainly just a line of frisson poorly drawn: frozen
Fructose. From where I’m docked, I see more levels.
Jake Sheff is a major and pediatrician in the US Air Force, married with a daughter and six pets. Currently home is the Mojave Desert. Poems of Jake’s are in Radius, The Ekphrastic Review, The Brooklyn Review, The Cossack Review and elsewhere. He won 1st place in the 2017 SFPA speculative poetry contest and was a finalist in the Rondeau Roundup’s 2017 triolet contest. His chapbook is “Looting Versailles” (Alabaster Leaves Publishing).