Deep Forest Night

By Maggie Hess
Some of the water pools still where roots may find it.
Some of it flows forward, passing and quenching.

Deep in the forest I could put a sailboat on your back.
I could cast my anchor and fish from you.

I am the water that pulls young creatures to it.
Mine is the water that stays collecting.

Yours is the bank breached and changing.
Go to a home, some distant bank.
Maggie Hess is a brave survivor of schizo-affective disorder. 37 of her poems appear in journals ranging from Tule to Blue Fifth to Skyhorse. Maggie won the Leidig Poetry Award judged by Linda Pastan and the May B Smith writing award. She has self published numerous chapbooks. Maggie also recently won honorable mention in Wild Leek’s Chapbook Contest judged by Ron Rash. Her current Kickstarter will launch her first children’s book. Read more on her blog.