How to Crack a Bando


By Valéria M. Souza

Don’t be deterred by the motion detectors.
Trip ‘em one by one,
then hide a couple blocks away
and wait.
Count the number of minutes it takes
the cops to come.
Then trip ‘em again,
until they stop coming.

You do not need a brick or a hammer or bolt-cutters.

Look up:
for if you’ve got a climber in your crew
(and you should)
just send him up that pipe to the third-story window
and tell him to come back downstairs,
open a door,
let everyone in.


Valéria M. Souza holds a Ph.D. in Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies & Theory, specializing in Disability Studies, from The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She is an active participant in Boston’s Grub Street Creative Writing Center. Her poetry is forthcoming in Cold Mountain Review, Soliloquies, Rock & Sling, and Snapdragon. She lives with her wife in Mattapan, Massachusetts and can be found on Twitter under the handle @shenequeproctor.