New Sky


By Abigail Wieser

the sky looked like jazz
that morning
we woke ——–for the first time

as husband and wife.

all the stress, all the day dreaming
of going recluse in the highlands
of Scotland, all the nights
———–you had to cradle my weary

heart as I lay broken
on the ground–

it all was worth
the sound of that new day,
that new life, that new song

of dusty blue
at the wake of dawn.

how funny, how wonderful.

it didn’t take a king and his army
————to put me together again–

but rather, just one man.
————you, my darling.

just you.

Abigail Wieser lives in Decatur, Illinois with her husband and their child, The River Coffee Company. When she’s not helping at their coffee shop, she wins the bread by working full-time at an academic library from Millikin University. She has been published in a variety of places, including Measure, A Review of Formal Poetry, and was shortlisted for the 2017 Montreal International Poetry Prize. Her poem, “Song of the Water Lilies” appeared in their 2017 Global Poetry Anthology. She loves the smell just after it rains and hopes one day to capture it sufficiently in a poem.